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Posing App is a new app that offers a pocket reference for poses — helpful for both photographers and models. The 140 hand-drawn poses come in a variety of flavors — children, couples, weddings, and women, to name a few — and are accompanied by short descriptions that provide additional pointers. The is available from the iTunes App Store for $2, and will be released for Android soon.

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Stop Thinking and Start Seeing


Thank you for visiting my site. It's just the beginning of a lifetime of work. I've always loved photography and sharing my pictures with others. This site is a place to call home and where you can always find me. This blog is where I hope to capture my thoughts and ideas concerning photography. Anyone can point and click, but how does someone become a great photographer.  What do they see and how do they see it? I'm out to discover all I can and network with other photographers.

I'll keep this short because it's just an introduction.  Follow me on twitter or facebook to see where my next adventure leads me.  

Send me your feedback too! I want to hear what you like and what your hoping to see from my photography. 

All the best,


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